the Loggia in Rethymno

The Loggia (club) in Rethymno one of the most brilliant examples of Renaissance architecture in Crete was destined for the Venetian public authorities but also served as a gathering place for the notables of the city. After the Turkish conquest the Loggia was converted into a mosque of Kucuk Hadj iIbrahim,the minaret erected on the south side,which had a fountain with an inscription at its base was demolished in 1930.For many years the building housed the city archaeological collection  and it is now home to the Archaeological Receipts Fund shop



carnival time is coming to town

S1580060S1580001S1580002S1580005S1580009S1580013the Rethymno Carnival has become an institution of culture and creation. Each year its volunteers endorse it with ideas and images that make it particularly special. It is one of the best carnival in Greece.




In 1914 was the first elements of carnival events . There was a long cart that had a huge mandolin 12 meters above it. His strings were white ropes and flowers around him. The throne of the carnival king was  mounted  above the cart and the King Carnaval was dressed with gold and red clothes.

on Sunday  February 28 1960 was  the first organized Rethymnon carnival. For the first time, hand-made chariots and uniforms were presented.

in the 80s the carnival had difficult times . At that time, there were isolated attempts by the inhabitants to keep it alive and they built chariots that sapped the news

the ‘treasure hunt began’ in 1990. The great resonance of organized groups also gave rise to the municipality of Rethymnon to call in 1993 these groups to support the carnival

Vederoi village

It is a settlement of the Prines community, 8 klm from  rethymno. It met  hardships and many disasters. The inhabitants of the village were engaged in agriculture and livestock farming. It was an observation in old times … The village has an endless view and inhabitants could see from there hostile and pirated ships. The pirates landed on the land taking a difficult path and then where going to Prines village. So Vederoi played a protective role for Prines. The word Vedere meaning I see